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  1. Fill in the Form:
    • Visa Application Form series 1419
      The application form is specific to the application for an Australian Tourist Visa.
    • Visa Application Form series 1415T
      The Application Form is specific to the application of an Australian Business Visa application (for applicants who visit Australia for business purposes and do not make money, such as meeting needs only).
    • 1400 series Visa Application Form
      Application Forms are specific to the submission of an Australian Business Visa application (for husband or wife or children who travel for tourist purposes but accompany family members who go together for business purposes and for applicants who travel to Australia for business purposes but make money such as public speakers, applicants who enter competitions / tournaments, tour leaders, and whose employment status is a priest).
  2. A valid passport for at least 6 months.
  3. A photocopy of the passport attaching all the front pages and back pages as well as all pages that have stamp and visa
  4. 2 (two) pieces of 4×6 white background color photographs.
  5. Photocopy of ID Card and family card
  6. Photocopy of savings book the last 3 months with a minimum balance of Rp. 50 Million (for 3 consecutive months).
  7. Statement of employment / company sponsorship for employees.
    • If the position of Manager, Director, and Commissioner please attach TIN abd Trade Business License of the Company.
    • If you have your own business, sponsorship letter is typed on white paper and company’s stamp and attach NPWP and SIUP.
    • If sponsored by a family (child / husband / parent) please attach a document that explains the relationship, for example birth certificates / family cards / marriage certificates etc.
    • If you are retired, then provide a certificate that is made and signed by yourself.
  8. If invited by family or friends who are in Australia, please attach a photocopy of the passport and inviter’s visa or inviter’s ID card (if the inviter is permanent residence in Australian or Australian citizen) along with Invitation letter and proof of relationship (birth certificate if the family, photo if the relationship with the inviter is a friend).
  9. For ages 75 and above are required:
    • Travel insurance (visa will be provided in accordance with the insurance).
    • Certificate from the doctor appointed by the embassy (the results of the examination will be sent by the doctor and shown to the embassy) and the applicant concerned provides proof of payment of the results of the inspection. For medical check-up must bring a letter of introduction from the Australian embassy.
  10. If the child travels and is still in school, then attach:
    • Photocopy of student card
    • Original school certificate
    • Photocopy of birth certificate
  11. Make an Appointment Schedule (Appointment Visa Australia)



If the applicant goes to Australia for business purposes only but after the Australian embassy checks and it turns out that in Australia the applicant conducts business that makes money, then the applicant is required to make a withdrawal and change the correct form and make another payment such as applying for a new visa again.


Tourist/ Business15-21 DaysIDR 1,950.000Form
Work Business ( Public Speaker)15-21 DaysIDR 3,550.000Form
Transit05-10 DaysIDR 600,000Form
Notes :
  • Price can changes anytime without prior notice
  • Price above is not include VAT 1%
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